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HOSAILEY TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD is a software research and development subsidiary based in Sabah, Malaysia. It is a game technology development company with technology development as its main business. The parent company is an international venture capital group. Besides Hosailey which located in Malaysia, branch offices are also located worldwide, including major first-tier cities in China (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou... etc.) and Southeast Asia, such as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places.

The company has always adhered to the two principles of "adhering to product quality" and "focusing on talent development" since its establishment. After dividing the company's business into e-sports, puzzle, leisure and entertainment categories, it actively recruits talented people from all over the world, hoping to create high-quality products with the help of talents' professionalism, and also regularly formulating refresher courses in order to continue to improve their profession during their employment. Besides, Hosailey also chooses a solid partner and it expects to promote the company's stable development through close cooperation with high-quality partners and corporate entities. While expanding the group, we also continue to recruit elites from all over the world to work together for the company. At present, the number of employees has exceeded 100, and the number of employees in the world has reached 1,000. It is hoped that in addition to stable growth and prosperity, it can also shine in the vast emerging markets. Hosailey welcomes all talents to join this vigorous and ambitious group, and work together to realize their visions and dreams.

HOSAILEY TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD是設於馬來西亞沙巴的軟件研發子公司,是以技術開發為主要業務的遊戲技術開發公司,母公司為國際創投集團。除了位於馬來西亞的公司外,分公司也遍佈於世界各國,包含中國主要一線城市(廣州,深圳,杭州…...等)以及東南亞地區,如台灣、新加坡、香港、馬來西亞……等地。

集團創始至今,一直都堅持著兩個原則『堅持產品品質』與『重視人才發展』。在將公司業務劃分成電競類、益智類、休閒娛樂等類別後,便向各國積極招聘能人好手,希望借助人才的專業能打造高品質的產品,另外也定期的制定進修課程,希望讓人才在職期間也能夠繼續精進專業。對外,HOSAILEY也選擇對穩固的合作夥伴。HOSAILEY期許在與優質夥伴及企業體的緊密合作下,能夠促進公司的穩定發展。 HOSAILEY目前也在積極地擴張集團規模,在擴張集團的同時,我們也不斷招聘各國菁英一起為公司奮鬥。目前沙巴子公司員工人數已突破百人,集團於全球的員工數也已上千。集團期許在穩定地成長與茁壯外,也能在廣大的新興市場上大放異彩。 HOSAILEY集團歡迎所有人才加入這個朝氣蓬勃、充滿鬥志的大家庭,一同攜手實現願景、成就夢想。

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Hosailey Technology Sdn Bhd

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